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Are you ready to market your business with sincerity and authenticity?

Welcome to Empress – the community for soulful creatives.


The Feral Writer presents

Here is a space for marketing from the heart space rather than the head space, reconnecting with your soul success and tapping into your instinct and intuition. Empress is all about uncovering your authentic essence and connecting from a place of courage and intrinsic truth.

If you’ve ever wanted to sell with authenticity, to create soulful stories, courageous content or market yourself mindfully and intentionally then this is the place for you. 

Designed to help you connect with your roots, your core, your coeur and eventually your crown, Empress is the epitome of authenticity and femininity in your marketing.

You won’t find 6-figure spiels or swipe files, no cheat sheets or cut and paste copy. Original, soulful and personal, Empress draws your essence from your roots to your crown, created from your own inner well of wisdom.

The Core Elements of Empress

Slow content delivered with depth rather than speed, the first 6 months you’ll be uncovering a different chapter of The Empress Practice (the heart of Empress) each month. Following this, we’ll move onto The Creative Quarter (the soul of Empress) where we work on one of the 4 core foundations each quarter: Mindful Marketing, Courageous Content, Authentic Selling and Soulful Storytelling.

The content is released at a slow pace and designed to be done around your schedule, taking or leaving what you choose with the understanding that different nutrients are needed for each entrepreneur.


There are 4 sessions each month where you have personal access to me, either holding space or providing feedback. Each month we have 4 sessions – 2 in silence (co-creativity or journaling sessions) and 2 in-person sessions; Soulchat, a monthly accountability session and Feralpy – a monthly session where I give feedback or guidance around a quarterly schedule.


At the centre of Empress is community. I really wanted a space to bring together courageous creatives and give them a safe space to share and connect. The Coterie is a dedicated space away from the noise of social media – somewhere to ask questions, share your wins and connect with vulnerability and authenticity. It’s a simple yet safe space to nurture one another.


And it all happens in the heart space as she nurtures, sustains and feeds herself and others. This community exists to nurture and feed you. To grow the seeds of soul success and honour the creative impulse in all things, restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energy and embracing emotion and intuition. This is your creative field to nurture your gifts and tend to the kernel of the ideas you are being called to create.

Strength in softness, creative abundance and authentic connection – this is the essence of Empress. If this calls to you then you are here for a reason. Trust the path and enter the Empress community – I cannot wait to welcome you.

Empress is about care of the creative. The Empress tarot card represents creativity and abundance and the strength in softness. She is replenishing, nurturing, plentiful yet powerful. Above all she is vulnerable – she creates a kingdom of conversation rather than dictation – a space for collaboration and connection. She sows the seeds for her future, connecting to her roots and lifting others. She represents the feminine and is the ultimate card of creation, of Mother Nature, honouring what you are birthing in your business.

Empress represents wisdom, the feminine, self-care and kindness, creativity and fortune. Her scepter represents the power she has over her life and she sits in a field of grain, the embodiment of growth, sustenance and sustainability. She represents the subconscious seeded with ideas – she is the embodiment of what she knows or believes from the heart space.




Softer, gentle more authentic marketing

collaborating and rekindling your creativity

trusting, allowing, evoking

inspired content that aligns with your audience

focusing on feeling good

working for soul

From Stressed Out Entrepreneur... Soulful Empress

Shouty, promotional marketing

Competing and comparing

Pushing, impressing, performing

Content creation being a chore

Focusing on looking good

Working for show

Empress is about authentic marketing for soul-centred entrepreneurs, providing a dedicated space to support you in committing to your creative business and your contented life.

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Why You’ll Love Empress

The Creative Quarter
Quarterly videos/ workbooks/ Empress Sessions across 4 core pillars (from 2023)


Inspiring community of like-hearted creatives


The Empress Practice – The 7 Chapters of Soulful Marketing


A slow space to go at your pace


Less stress, more soul - Empress intentionally steps away from the noise and embraces a nurturing environment


Opportunities for feedback and inspiration sparking with Jess


Exclusive access to private coaching (at extra charge) and discounts on all courses and ebooks


Selection of monthly live sessions to join from goal-setting to scribe sessions


Jess Collins is The Feral Writer and Soulful Marketer. Known for her straight talking grit not gloss approach, she tells tales with texture and leads with truth. Personal, powerful and impactful, she creates courageous content and authentic marketing for brands worldwide.

Jess originally ran a content marketing agency and was a specialist content marketing writer for The Guardian. These days things are much more simple, working part time from the sand, notebook in hand, she has embraced a slower pace and more intentional way of working.

Empress has been created to promote purposeful marketing that has intention, integrity and authenticity at the heart. To show that in the midst of what appears to be an Emperor Epidemic there is space for mindful marketing that has meaning and emotion – to awaken the inner Empress. Here you are called to rekindle your creativity and remember your roots, putting the real into entrepreneurial and rising with authenticity and truth.

Meet The Soulful Marketer

About Jess


Monthly Soulchat session for accountability and setting soul goals

Monthly Saraswati Session to work on your content or marketing (silent space)

Monthly Scribe Session – a collective journaling practice to show up and journal or follow a prompt (silent space)

The Community – I cannot believe the community is the 9th thing I’m listing. The Coterie is so integral to Empress. A place to meet inspiring, passionate, creative entrepreneurs, each committed to living a more soulful, authentic life. A simple forum designed to introduce but not intrude on the every day, meet the likeminded Empresses

What’s Inside the Membership…

The Empress Practice – the 7 Chapters of Soulful Marketing. One chapter released monthly for the first 6 months of the membership

Quarterly content across 4 key topics – Courageous Content, Authentic Selling, Soulful Storytelling and Mindful Marketing (from 2023 upon completion of The Empress Practice)

Quarterly Spark Session to drop in and ask anything about your marketing or content. An informal drop-in session

Quarterly Empress Session to delve into The Creative Quarter

Quarterly Gold-Sifting session (shout out to those from Contented) a dedicated live session to work on or get help with content planning for the following quarter

Yes of course! Although Empress is predominantly for creative entrepreneurs, it can be helpful to anyone who wants to bring more mindfulness and intentionality to their lives and encourages practices such as journaling that are suitable for everyone.

I don’t have a business, can I still join?

Frequently Asked Questions

For the first 6 months The Empress Practice will be dripped on a monthly schedule to avoid overwhelm. You will have access to every session live (or on replay) from the moment you enter. After the first 6 months content will be released quarterly.

Will I be able to access all of the content and sessions?

Of course – not everyone has a creative business although I believe there is an intrinsic creative thread running through everyone and that once we claim that and connect with it, our work is more powerful and our wisdom can be expressed. As long as you are open to doing business authentically, you will love it here.

I have a business but I’m not creative, is it for me?

You don’t get private access to me (although members can exclusively book 1:1 coaching with me) However the sessions we have together as a group monthly offer an opportunity to ask questions, seek feedback and spark ideas.

Will I get private access to you?

The earlier members join the better the price and they also get to shape the membership. Once you're in you're guaranteed to keep that price for as long as you remain a member.

Why should I join now rather than later?

I’m not 100% sure yet, do you offer a trial?

If you need more information or have a question, please send me an email, and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. 

You can cancel easily at any time, if you are on a monthly option there is no tie-in at all and if you are on annual you have the year but it will not renew once you cancel. It is an easy process to cancel your membership.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Not at all. I am not remotely technical and I created Empress during Mercury Retrograde (if you know, you know!) The platform is simple and intuitive and I’ve designed it to be as streamlined and easy to navigate as possible.

I’m not very technical, how difficult is it?

I don’t offer a trial but I do offer a 30-day money back guarantee so if for any reason it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time, giving you the opportunity to try Empress for yourself risk-free.

Pay Quarterly

 £72  per quarter

3 months for £72
(recurring every 3 months)

£27 per month

Recurring payment, cancel anytime

Pay Monthly

If you’re ready to join an authentic community of like-hearted creatives, simply choose your payment option and click the button.

Enter Empress

Pay Annually

 £270 per year

12 months for £270
(recurring every 12 months)

 For a perfect fit I offer a risk-free trial to make sure Empress is right for you with a 30-day money back guarantee. So if for any reason during the first 30 days you decide that Empress isn’t aligned, you are free to cancel, no questions asked and you will receive your money back.

30 Day Money Back Promise

““It’s a membership all solo creative entrepreneurs should invest in”

- Sumayya usmani

- Ria Mishaal, Arcana

It blends self-paced in-depth guided work with weekly community calls. These range from silent group working to monthly planning sessions, which are more like a deep soul-searching conversation with your closest supporters. The cost does not remotely reflect the value of this membership, it is incredible value for money. And Jess is always giving more to make the community and individual experience richer. I cannot imagine not being a part of this community now. "

''Empress is unlike any other membership or community I’ve ever been in. 

Kind Words

- Suzy Glaskie, Peppermint wellness

"It's really difficult to sum up what Empress gives you because it's so uniquely special. Being part of the vibrant Empress community is a massive boost in itself. I can't recommend Empress enough." 

- Jessie - Rediscover Body confidence 

“I can only describe Empress as that one gift that you looked forward to so much at Christmas when you were a child, that's the feeling it gives me when I think about all it has to offer. The fact you get to pick Jess' brains on a regular basis is enough for me but she offers so much more value than that, it's untrue. Imagine watching Game of Thrones or Harry Potter for the very first time, knowing you have so many episodes or films in front of you - that's how I feel. If you're on the fence, just do it You won't regret it!.” 

Pay Quarterly

£72 for 3 months

3 months for £72, (recurring every 3 months)

£27 per month

Recurring payment, cancel anytime

Pay Monthly

If you’re ready to join an authentic community of like-hearted creatives, simply choose your payment option and click the button.

Enter Empress

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 £270 per year

12 months for £270
(recurring every 12 months)